Young dro dating who is daisy la hoya dating

To date there haven't been any big Young Dro concerts or tours announced for America.Sign up for our Concert Tracker to get told when Young Dro concerts have been added to the lineup. Young Dro appeared on the Rap / Hip Hop scene with the appearance of the album 'Best Thang Smokin'' published on July 31, 2006.

Additionally, Young Dro, who usually keeps his private life low-key, was rumored to be dating the beautiful Love & Hip Hop star, Joseline Hernandez.

The pair collaborated on their song "Rocko - Girls Gone Wild" in 2016 which was uploaded on You Tube on May 27, 2016.

However, more information relating to his daughter and his relation has not yet surfaced in the media.

And it was not the only time Young Dro had a problem due to his drug addiction.

Back in 2013, Ded that she suspended Dro's right to visit his daughter after he chose not to complete the rehab treatment for his drug addiction.

Afterwards, Dro accused Tamika of keeping him out of his daughter's life and made a song "FDB" avenging Tamika.(UGH) 6 niggas knocked off 6 stacks (UGH) Bankhead nigga where the bricks at? (UGH) Break down dimes where the nicks at (UGH) Snoop Dogg smoking on a zig zag(UGH) 200 hundred on the dash, nigga did that (UGH) 4 5 slug where your wig at (UGH) Oink Oink, nigga where the pigs at?(UGH) Police ass niggas speak pig latin(UGH) Grind it out 'til you get a big sack (UGH) And your chick want dick at (UGH) Ferragamo beep and nic at (UGH) 44 Quantay click clack (UGH) [Hook: Young Dro] I’m supplying all the buyers My Chevy sit higher 30” Tires I’m popping off fire You say we friends well you a liar See your bitch and I can buy her Supplying all the buyers You know I sit higher [Verse2: Young Dro] This 3 door whip no 4 door (UGH) Hopping out the bitch with a 44 (UGH) Shoot him in the face where your nose go? (UGH) With a chocolate thick bitch named Coco (UGH) Capitol homes Booke and Bobo (UGH) We don’t go to sleep bitch we take no doze (UGH) 30 deep runnin' from the popo (UGH) In a Benz with a 40 in the console (UGH) Riding round thinking about Poncho (UGH) Break it down bitch we got honcho (UGH) Stirring up shit like gumbo (UGH) Knock a nigga ass out one blow (UGH) Blow a nigga ass out the front door (UGH) Kill a nigga act kill one more (UGH) Im a real killer, what I gotta front for?It's also not clear that the woman in the picture is either his girlfriend or wife.Besides, the children shown in the picture, Young Dro is also a father to a daughter from his ex-girlfriend Tamika.Some of Young Dro's most beloved tour albums and songs are seen below.


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