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This may sound like one of the less arduous journalistic tasks, but I can assure you that it was surprisingly difficult – not just to physically consume what he put away, but also to pin down how much he really did consume.

There are, however, details that emerge from wine merchants’ invoices that hint at a monumental appetite for, in particular, whisky, brandy and champagne.

“No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money,” by David Lough, is an entertaining journey through the financial ups and downs of the historic figure’s extraordinary life, a cash-flow odyssey which was far more valley than peak.

It is a novel and noteworthy contribution to the endlessly-expanding library of works on the legendary politician and Allied wartime leader who faced down Hitler, always with fresh whiskey and soda in hand.

Lovely bloke, though, especially when you realize he’s just a few years off the British Invasion lot. AC: Is there much difference between playing rockabilly in the Head Cat and what you’ve always done in Motörhead? LK: He’s actually older than me, [Heaven & Hell’s] Ronnie [James Dio]. AC: Ever see a point where you’re doing solo shows, just you and a guitar? There’s a certain limited appeal to that shit [laughs]. LK: We’re just doing that one, actually, because I have to go on tour two days later. LK: Yeah, I have festival dates in Europe and then I have a U. ” [Laughs] AC: Do you have good history with Austin? I think the first time I played there was when we were on tour with Slayer.

Think Mick Jagger’s going to give you even one-sentence answers? At the Nutty Brown Café on Saturday for the 2nd Annual Texas Rockabilly Revival, Lemmy’s psychobilly side project with the Stray Cats’ Slim Jim Phantom and guitarist Danny Harvey as the Head Cat anchors a two-day bill starring “Fujiyama Mama” Wanda Jackson on Friday and the Rev. (Though note the note on the website linked above where it's noted that one of the Head Cats is sick and therefore might force cancellation of the gig.) One would have thought that the singer/bassist had enough on his hands with that other band of his. Fun to riff with, you bet your “Fujiyama Mama.” Austin Chronicle: How did the Head Cat come about? AC: Then rockabilly is your musical foundation, isn’t it? AC: There’s probably at least a generation of Motörhead fans that have maybe never even heard the word “rockabilly”! AC: Great thing about rockabilly is that it rocks no less hard than heavy metal.

“Keith Richards is known for partying heavy, but Keith Richards doesn’t live it every day. I’ve been with him 25 years and I’ve never, ever not seen him on all that stuff…He had a lifestyle that nobody could keep up with.

But he always maintained—always showed up, never f….

” and “Churchill the Imperialist: His Cause.” Chapter 21, “Churchill the Drinker: An Alcoholic?

” argues both sides of the question: Much of his relish for drinking was for show.

Tucked into a new book on Winston Churchill there is the following accounting for the consumption of spirits in the Churchill households during the spring of 1949.

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