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So the best advice I can give to anyone is to figure out what you're passionate about and match that passion to the work that we do. You can learn a lot about our culture by watching the many You Tube videos we post.

Jobs in marketing, technology, sales, and many other areas of the company can be done from home — including HR. The growth in the virtual employee space has been so great that we have added a virtual employee section to our jobs listings.

We value offering these types of jobs because it taps you into a much deeper and broader group of potential employees.

What's the best way to prepare for a job even before an opening is there?

I don't think people grow up and think they want to work for a credit card company.

There are entry-level positions across the company, in areas such as technology, engineering, development, sales, marketing, finance, and customer care. We have a 12-week summer program for undergraduate juniors and for MBA students.

It's a paid program, and we help with the logistics of relocation if you are accepted.

Instead of being limited to a commutable employee, you can find the best person for the role, no matter where they live. While nearly 10 percent of American Express employees are in dedicated virtual roles, all employees can work directly with their leaders to determine the best work arrangement for their role.

Flexibility is a part of the way we work at American Express, and it's also expected in today's global marketplace.

There's no requirement that you have to have a certain degree for any job.


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