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We each were matched with one other person that we dated for a short time before going out on our first date in March 2007.

I had done Brief Dating twice previously and she had twice.

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There are thousands of singles from the around the world looking for a long term relationship.

Find love and romance with a Morgantown speed dating style of matchmaking.

I hope that you will share my success story with your customers and perspective customers to let them know that Brief Dating can result in a lifelong relationship.

So thank you very much for your part in making my life much happier." Alan Bernhardt "For quite a long time I've been wanting to try speed dating.

He and I clicked immediately, and our relationship continues to grow stronger. Even if you don't meet your match the first time around, it's a lot of fun. " J "I wanted to let you know that I've been seeing a wonderful match that I met at your function and am not interested in any more dating.

That means what you set up worked and I've been singing your praises.I speak pretty confidently when I say that it was love at first sight (for both of us). Thank you for coordinating such a fantastic way for people to meet." Catherine (Note: Joe and Catherine are now married and have a child.) "I was encouraged to try Brief Dating about 8 months ago after witnessing my friend's success with your event (she met and married a great guy).So keep up the good deed......." Glenn "I am now engaged to be married to Joe, who I met through Brief Dating last December. Like my friend, I also met someone wonderful on my first try.The event is open to the public, so anyone can sign up.We are co-hosting this event with another a Japanese company to bring in different people each month.I have met a lovely lady at your September 24th event.


  1. People criticize the church today as being consumeristic. And even if you don’t think you need other Christians, I promise you you do, and so does our world. Maybe it’s just beginning to take shape for a brand new era that desperately needs it.

  2. Second City is, of course, the granddaddy of comedy-themed date nights, but good times can also be had for fewer dollars (and fewer people from Iowa) at indie comedy venues like the Cornservatory or regular stand-up nights like Timothy O’Toole’s “Comedians You Should Know” (see full list here).

  3. Christian counseling is for people who need deeper soul work, which involves an in depth look at your past. While past soul wounds may be discussed, the focal point is the future, and it utilizes goal-setting and positive change techniques to help you live and love better.

  4. I have to mention that I did get maybe a message or two from guys that seemed okay, but once I checked out their profiles, it didn’t seem like we had anything in common so I didn’t bother.

  5. Put together by the slick hacker team John and Kira, SEX.

  6. However, not all whites shared the view that intermarriage violated Christian beliefs.

  7. In 1936 he appeared in his first film, Pennies from Heaven, with Bing Crosby.

  8. Uniform Dating understands the unique circumstances that uniformed personnel have in their jobs and the restrictions that shift patterns, working away, or being on tour can have on keeping a long-term relationship.

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