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We were on the final set of stairs when Selene tripped.I caught her, preventing what could have been a nasty tumble.

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I was holed up in the other end of the building, the not-so-prestigious end, languishing in my cubicle and editing the company publications and submissions to trade journals.

I had an assistant named Sylvia who was scheduled to interview Ms.

She was right, this was inappropriate, but I couldn't resist the impulse to push things a little further, so I pushed her skirt up her thighs to see whether she would let me put my hand between them.

She did, and I was amazed to find her panties all sloppy and wet.

Then slowly she steadied herself against the railing, hiked up her skirt, wriggled out of her panties, and stepped out of them carefully, still wearing her heels.

When she had completed this operation, she picked them up gingerly by the waistband and handed them to me.

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Toubia for a special feature, but the day the interview was to be conducted, Sylvia called in sick. Why don't you come with me while I put in an appearance at this reception, and then I'll slip away early and we can finish the interview." "Works for me," I said, turning off the recorder.

For want of any better substitute, I appointed myself to do the job. " "I think I can get by with what we have so far," I said. We rose and left her office, wending our way through the big corporate beehive toward the company lounge.

But in a surprisingly short time she reappeared with a fresh drink in her hand, saying, "There, I did my thing. "Crap," said Selene, "it looks like I'm taking the stairs in these heels." We started down, Selene's heels clicking on the stairs and echoing in the otherwise empty stairwell.

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