Validating interviews

But I think maybe just to kick it off, just in your words, The Trade Desk's purpose, and sort of the primary way you think about the long-term strategy of the business? And for us, that specifically means that we service the advertisers in the agency.

So we're a buy-side platform, as they call it, which is a set of tools that helps agencies and advertisers buy all-digital media, so whether that's Spotify or Hulu, or , or Motley Fool, to essentially buy the ads on those sites using data and to make certain that you get the right ads in front of the right customers. I think it would be fun to talk about people and culture a little bit. I think it would be fun to talk about people and culture a little bit.

And as you fast forward to today, we have over 20 offices around the world.

And even though we have just under 700 employees, they're pretty divided up in all of those different groups, and so all of them feel like they have the resources of a $2 billion-plus market cap company, but they have the agility of a start-up.

Amplifying your Effectiveness has an article on how to run interviews when gathering requirements.

This is a great article, and one I’ve added to my links at us (you should too).

Anecdotal data is fine, we don’t need to create a laundry list – just an affirmation that her needs are being addressed, and that the time she spent in our interview was valuable.

If there’s something that is important to this stakeholder that didn’t make the cut – give her a head’s up.

Understanding is still our goal – but we have to be smart about our interviews to get this information.

In our previous post, we identify interviewing as a key technique for eliciting requirements.

If we are talking to a sales person (a representative user), we will talk about how they do their job today, and how it could be different with the new software.

In both cases, we plan our conversation before we have it.

We should always followup with the interviewee, and let her know “how it went”.


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