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To search for a particular type of detail data, you have to know the custom MIME type value for the data type. This is the best technique to use if your app focuses on a particular type of data, such as emails, and you want allow users to get the names associated with a piece of data.Each data type has a unique MIME type value defined by a constant table for your search. Retrieving a contact based on any type of data returns contacts if any of their data matches a the search string, including name, email address, postal address, phone number, and so forth. For example, if the search string is "Doe", then searching for any data type returns the contact "John Doe"; it also returns contacts who live on "Doe Street".Retrieve a list of contacts by matching the search string to any type of detail data, including name, phone number, street address, email address, and so forth.

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For more information, see the Android training class Loading Data in the Background.

To do any type of search of the Contacts Provider, your app must have .

Tip: It is usually not necessary to upload users in bulk with Upload users.

To keep maintenance work down you should first explore forms of authentication that do not require manual maintenance, such as connecting to existing external databases or letting the users create their own accounts (Self enrolment). Warning: errors updating existing accounts can affect your users badly. There are also fields settings to force password change, allow renames, allow deletes, prevent email address duplicates, standardise usernames and select for bulk operations(new users. You may be able to set default user field values, if the fields were not included in the uploaded file on this page.

The two layout files you've written define a user interface that shows a to display the details for a contact that the user chooses from the list. public class Contacts Fragment extends Fragment implements Loader Manager. /* * Defines an array that contains column names to move from * the Cursor to the List View.

Using this approach, you can combine one of the techniques presented in this lesson with one from the lesson Retrieve details for a contact. */ @Suppress Lint("Inlined Api") private final static String[] FROM_COLUMNS = ; /* * Defines an array that contains resource ids for the layout views * that get the Cursor column contents.

To learn how to use one or more , which defines useful constants and methods for accessing the provider. The id is pre-defined in * the Android framework, so it is prefaced with "android.

When you use this class, you don't have to define your own constants for content URIs, table names, or columns. R.id" */ private final static int[] TO_IDS = ; // Define global mutable variables // Define a List View object List View m Contacts List; // Define variables for the contact the user selects // The contact's _ID value long m Contact Id; // The contact's LOOKUP_KEY String m Contact Key; // A content URI for the selected contact Uri m Contact Uri; // An adapter that binds the result Cursor to the List View private Simple Cursor Adapter m Cursor Adapter; ... "; // Defines a variable for the search string private String m Search String; // Defines the array to hold values that replace the ? // Called just before the Fragment displays its UI @Override public void on Activity Created(Bundle saved Instance State) { // Always call the super method first Activity Created(saved Instance State); ...

For example if you were updating user information, the updated information will be shown.

Or if a user was not added that record will be highlighted.

Retrieve a list of contacts by matching the search string to all or part of the contact name data.

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