Live sexchat in hagen - Updating dreambox via blue panel

Update for latest version of VLC Frontend VLCF-Final This new VLC Frontend works slightly different.It is downloaded and installed in the same way as the earlier versions, but configuring it is a bit more easy.Sources I have used: First we need to get a plugin called VLC Front End installed on the dreambox, it might already be there; check under blue panel - plugins.

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Save it to a file called movieplayer_My_to your dreambox's /var/etc folder.

(save the file locally and FTP it to your dreambox, log in to your dreambox with default username root and password dreambox, or set up Ultra Edit to save directly using FTP; your choice).

VLC for Linux (ubuntu): First, install vlc by running this command: This specifies that the web interface is to be used, together with some transcoding stuff ;-) At the time of writing this, I am still trying to tune the vlc backend a bit. Now it is time to start the VLC frontend on the dreambox and set it up to use the correct xml file.

Start VLC frontend plugin by starting blue panel (blue button on the remote) and selecting Plugins.

I have spent some time now to figure out how to get Video on Demand to work on my dreambox.

I have a Dream Box DM500S running the Gemini Image (Gemini Project), and this howto is based on that, however I believe the procedure will be similar on other DB's running the Gemini image as well...

Aligning the dish(es) is beyond the scope of this article.

Setting the address and subnet mask of your network interface is done using DHCP.

Please make sure your router is configured as DHCP-server.

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