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The number of the population before, the pogroms was 25,000 now 20,000. Before the pogroms Skvira was quite a commercial and industrial center.It had 8 mills, 8 oil churns and 6 sugar factories in and near the town.

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List of beneficiaries and signatures of recipients for flour distributed are attached hereto.

Skvira was formerly an Uyesd center, but the center has now been removed to Belaya Tzerkov. Fifty houses were sold to peasants by Jews who escaped from town at the time of pogroms.

According to his records, the Hasidic court of Skvyra had declined and lost his prior glory by the time of his visit.

By 1910 the town had a Talmud Torah, a Jewish private boys’ school and two private girls’ schools.

According to the census of 1765, there were 124 houses in Skvyra, 51 of which belonged to Jews.

In 1775, 116 Jews lived in Skvyra, in 1784 this figure rose to 204, and in 1787, to 144.In the early nineteenth century the court of the Chernobyl Hasidic dynasty was in Skvyra.It was founded by Rabbi Yitzchak of Skvyra (1812-1885), one of the younger sons of Rabbi Motel Tversky (1770-1838).The cooperation received 10 dessiatin of land from the Zemotdel (Commissariat for Agriculture). has issued to the cooperation through 0RT: 1 harrow, 30 poods of oats, 50 poods of potatoes and vegetable seeds for 1/2 dessiatin of land. The town’s Jewish population fell to 4,681 by 1926 (about 33.6% of the population) and 2,243 by 1939, but even so it remained among the biggest Jewish communities of Ukraine at that time.In spite of the very difficult working conditions, without agricultural implements and other supplies, the cooperation accomplishes its harvest quite successful. In World War II German forces occupied the town at July 13, 1941.Its Jewish population was 2,184 in 1847 and grew to 8,910 in 1897 — 49.5% of the general population.


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