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I have put this site together at the request of friends, and many people who have contacted me for information, advice, or just to get an opinion about harp mics in general over the past few years.

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Impedance is often refered to as "Z", such as High Z or Low Z.

So just to make things clear, throughout this website, when I refer to "i", I will be refering to the microphone's element DC resistance as measured in ohm's.

I was intrigued by the gritty Chicago blues harp tone heard in many old and new blues recordings, and thus started my investigation I guess you could say, into finding out how they were getting these incredible sounds out of a simple 10 hole diatonic harp.

My first mic was a Mexican made Shure 520D, and my first amp was a Fender Champ.

I quickly became infatuated with my new hobby of vintage mic collecting, and since I liked the Shure mics the best after trying many of the more traditional and funkified harp mics, I decided to do most of my research on the Shure 520, "Green Bullet" mic.

OK, let's get to the good stuff, but first let me say this.

It is unaffected by weather extremes and salt spray making an ideal choice for coastal areas.

The mic was offered in 1950 with a stand and a handle with a built in "squeeze to talk" handle, which was known as the model 520SL.

So like many others, I started to try different mics and amps hoping to get good tone.


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