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The utility applies configurations both before and after it applies the options that you specified on command line.

If you select the SQL Server configuration type, you specify the connection to the SQL Server database in which you want to store the configurations.

You can save the configurations to an existing table or create a new table in the specified database.

The Configuration property appears in the properties window for the package.

Configurations are available for the package deployment model.

To access these tools, click Package Configurations on the SSIS menu in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

NOTES: You can also access the Package Configuration Organizer by clicking the ellipsis button next to the Configuration property.However, at run time, package configurations might not load in the preferred order.In particular, parent package configurations load after configurations of other types. Properties[Value] In this example, the configuration updates these properties: NOTE: The last page in the Package Configuration Wizard, Completing the Wizard, lists the target properties in the configuration.Parameters are used in place of configurations for the project deployment model.The project deployment model enables you to deploy Integration Services projects to the Integration Services server.The following SQL statement shows the default CREATE TABLE statement that the Package Configuration Wizard provides.

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