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Place-name and archaeological evidence hint at an Iron Age cult centre at Fortingall, which may have had this tree as its focus.

The site was Christianised during the Dark Ages, with the yew already full grown, perhaps because it was already a sacred place.

By 1833 it was noted that "large arms had been removed and even masses of the trunk, carried off, to make drinking-cups and other curiosities." however in 2015 scientists from the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh reported that one small branch on the outer part of the crown had changed sex and begun to bear a small group of berries - an occurrence occasionally noted in conifers.

Clippings from the tree are to be taken to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, to form part of a mile-long hedge.

Modern expert estimates have put its age at between 2,000 and 3,000 years. ) with a former head of unknown original height, is split into several separate stems, giving the impression of several smaller trees, with loss of the heartwood rings that would establish its true age.

Other than this, the tree is still in good health, and may last for many more centuries.

Take a cycling tour of the city of Edinburgh with Adrian.

Experience the splendour of Edinburgh's Old Town, with the Palace of Holyrood House and Edinburgh Castle.

Great place to go if you want a lively place featuring music, karaoke, and disco in a beautiful Highland setting!

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