Samantha mumba dating sisqo

If we had wondered what exactly Mumba had been doing in LA for the past four years, news of her engagement seemed to answer that question.As well as taking acting classes and going for auditions, Mumba reported that she was enjoying being a homemaker with her fiancé in a suburb of California, ironing his uniform so that he would look smart going to work as an LA cop.The Herald can reveal that the Drumcondra beauty has already returned to her adopted home of LA, where she does not plan to watch the Channel 4 reality series.

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She also talked about keeping a gun at their home and about how her fiancé had taken her to the firing range, where she had become quite a good shot.

Mumba now speaks with an American accent when being interviewed in LA, although the Dublin accent returned for a short interview on Irish TV this summer.

Cortez's Twitter account also had sparse references to ‘Torray'.

The story broke last Sunday; not surprisingly, neither Mumba nor her mother Barbara would comment.

SAMANTHA & LOUIS Legend has it that Samantha blagged her way into Lillie’s Bordello nightclub one night to get to talk to Louis Walsh.

Walsh spotted the marketing potential and talent, and the rest is history She ‘broke' America in a heartbeat with a first album that stayed in the Billboard charts for months."She's still on holidays so she may not be checking her emails at the moment," they added.Meanwhile, a pal explained how the star and her former flame have lost touch in the years since their split.An Irish representative for the LA-based singer/actress, explained how the star is still holidaying after the festive season and has yet to comment on the fact that her ex-beau is among the celebrities in the house."We have been in touch with her to tell her that Sisqo is in the house but haven't heard back from her yet," they told the Herald.Barely three months after he proposed to her on a Californian beach, and just a month after their engagement was announced here, Mumba's fiancé, LAPD cop Torray Scales, is alleged in tabloid reports to be having an affair with a 23- year-old Latina nurse.


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