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Men who travel to Russia are often interested in Russian women (and many of them – we estimate 30% – come specifically for that reason) and Russian women – in general – are not against marrying an interesting foreign man.

There is demand, there is supply, and so there is a "Russian bride" marketplace.

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There were a lot of cases, when a woman like this would engage into writing over the internet with a foreign man, and then at one moment ask some money to buy a plane ticket to be able to meet.

So, a naive "husband" would send his "future wife" a check for $1000 US and never hear about her again... There are a lot of marriage agencies in the world that offer introduction services.

However, a huge demand from the both sides gave a rise to the new "Russian brides" industry that is gaining popularity, and a lot of individuals found many dishonest ways of making money out of bringing people together.

So, if you want to find a partner abroad, you should be really aware: you're venturing on a path full of generalizations and preconceptions, making yourself very susceptible to lies and scams.

So, the following classification might be helpful: • "Family-Oriented" Woman.

She is looking for a sincere relationship and wants to create a real stable family with a husband who will love her, understand her, and care about her. She would like to have a safe enviroment for her family and - partially - this makes her look for the future husband abroad, because it is considered that a foreigner can have a much more stable situation (socially and financially), than a Russian.

Usually, this kind of people come from poor families and are not able to do anything by themselves.

However, some of them are just "players": they get pleasure in sucking out the money, and then dissappearing.

Perhaps, she had already had a husband, but the first marriage didn't work out very well...


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