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I always purchase my fruit trees in bulk for my commercial orchards.

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Order now and your credit card won't be charged until your climate is suitable for planting success and your order is shipped.

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If any doubts about your particular stock, call them and ask. However, the trunk is very susceptible to getting overheated by the sun and becoming distressed.

Finally, be aware that young trees are attractive to deer, even without fruit! This time I am using a tree guard to protect the trunk.

This tree is going ok, growing well but again did not come very healthy and it took a lot of feed and care to get it to survive.

had no missed with the winter as I have a green house and was able to bring inside.

6 weeks later the store bought trees looked nearly identicle to when I planted them but the Stark tree had more and healthier looking leaves than either of the other two trees. One store-bought tree remains, the other is nearly dead. To be fair, I have a yellow delicious, purchased from another source, that is behaving the same way.

My other three apple trees, Fireside, Red Delicious, and Red Rome, are doing fine and were planted in the same manner and have received the same care.

The Granny Smith was originally purchased as pollinators but when I saw how well they managed their first year even in blistering heat, I was sold on having more in the orchard's inventory. I actually bought 4 different apple varieties from Stark, all shipped bare-root, and I highly recommend that approach.


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