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But if you’re listening, you can discern a person’s aspiration by the way in which they talk about this subject.People who are telling the truth usually use very few words and make direct eye contact as they speak.

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Here, the seven most important qualities your mate should possess if you want it to last forever—or at least a few years past the honeymoon.

But do you feel good, happy safe and secure around them? If your eventual life plan is to own a yacht and your partner's is to live in a quaint house in the suburbs with your five kids, you are probably not destined for a successful partnership.

So if a woman likes her masculine side, and masculine energy in general, she’ll appreciate her directional instincts and goal-orientation.

Be careful of a woman who scoffs at competition and values feeling over doing.

Well, uh, if it was the right situation (coughing, looking away), um, I think that could be a good thing. So, ya, I guess I’m open to getting married some day. There’s often a subtle (or not so subtle) anti-femininity message in everything from locker rooms to rap music to church pews.

Well, you could look at their relationship with their opposite sex parent but I wouldn’t look only at that, for some parents are morons.

Interestingly, high relationship satisfaction seems to come from feeling like the most aspirational version of yourself around your significant other rather than the most authentic version.

Apparently, we make progress toward our ideal selves when our partners possess, encourage or see in us the traits we most wish we had—this is known as the Michelangelo phenomenon.

Being “ready” is about ones availability, but being “willing” is about one’s aspiration—and that’s more difficult to discern.


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