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Ravthere was no such thing as ever waking into the house and not nding his father sitting and learning from a sefer or writing chidushim into a notebook.Even in his last years, when he was extremely wea Cheshbon Hanefesh over and over.

When it was our problem alone It was the prisons we were shown There was little sympathy don’t cha see When it was just you and me Who said they had a problem There were few out there to solve ‘em But opioids are everywhere And it’s a disease now, so I hear That crosses all socio-economic lines Now there are many telltale signs It’s now called an opioid disorder Past the inner city border And the word is harm reduction Instead of out and out destruction Cedric Mc Clester, Copyright © 2017.

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Our yungeleit are stationed at the Kosel with a full complement of women workers on the other side of the mechitz21 ST AN N UAL L A WEDNESDAY, MAY 16 Ha Rav Malkiel Kotler F E AT U R E V I D E O P R E S E N TAT I O N PEYLIM LEV LACHIM M E M O R I E S O F Rav Eliezer Sorotzkin DIRECTORGENERAL, AKEWOOD A S I FA ATERES CHANA BAIS FAIGA 945 PM MAARIV Ha Rav Binyomin Finkel PHOTO BY ELI COBIN Answering the Call of the Gedolei Yisroel NEW JERSEY NEWS G.

Heller CONGRESSMAN CHRIS SMITH DELIVERS REMARKS FROM FLOOR ABOUT ISRAEL SECURITY ASSISTANCE BILL ATTORNEY GENERAL SAYS TOWNS CANNOT BAN NONRESIDENT DRIVERS T his week, Rep.y can only be brought during a drive which takes plac NEW Your source for personal checks PRECIOUS. For example, posted currently on the BOE website are letters in support of the board from the Lakewood Vaad and IWith Gelbsteins Choose from our huge selection of delicious dairy delicacies, including our famous cheesecake available in many different scrumptious varieties, yummy delkelach, and delightful dairy LAKEWOOD NEWS and report it to police. Due to the nature of these incidents, we knew we had a dangerous person in our community.As such, it was our top priority to Tiferes Devorah LKallah Tiferes Devorah LKallah is available for Lakewoods kallahs is available for Lakewoods kallahs and their families at all times. To find out how PROTECT YOUR PORTFOLIO DC DESIGN 732.901.4784 Let Ideals superior customer service advocate for you.Introducing the James Sharon Maida Geriatrics Institute. Store hours Sun Thurs 12pm1 am 64 MAY 11, 2018 THE LASpecial Daf Ha Yomi BHalacha column for Lakewood Shopper Daf Ha Yomi BHalacha Sunday 6 Sivan May 20 highlighted halacha Creating a bosis on Shabbos The poskim discuss whether placing muktza on 866 5 SMART TOW 866 5762788 ACCIDENT TOWING AND ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE YOUR VEHICLE DESERVES A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE Experience our Exclusive 15 Point Oil Change Service High quality oils that are guaranteed to meet or exceed API standards High quality filters that are g RABBI YERUCHIM SHAIN Rosh Ha Yeshiva RABBI YAAKOV LEFF Rosh Yeshiva Adelphia, New Jersey 47 A NN UAL RABBI SHOLOM ROSENMAN Rosh Yeshiva RABBI MOSHE SHAIN Menahel RABBI SHIMON KLEINBARD RABBI SHMUEL US U O IDIC R T HA T S BRINKS TRUCK DUMPS HALFMILLION DOLLARS ONTO I70 MAN ARRESTED FOR SHOOTING SMOKE DETECTOR By G. R Aryeh had been R Isser Zalmans talmid in Slutzk and even after th Nesivos Shalom Shiur on the Parshah As Delivered By Rabbi Yisroel Meir Shapiro W Parshas Bahar We have only a little more than one week until the yom tov of Shavuos, so we are sure that everybody direct equation, that I go to work and Im great at the stock market or Im great at the real estate market and its all from me.We designed the Maida Geriatrics Institute to be the re LOOKING FOR AN IMAGING CENTER COME EXPERIENCE WHAT EVERYONES TALKING ABOUT 1215 ROUTE 70 WEST, SUITE 10021003 LAKEWOOD, NJ 08701 OPEN MRI CT ULTRASOUND DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY DEXA DIGITAL XRAY 24N. C R A N E 100 COTTON NON IRON Look how far Ive come with the help of great nurses from BAYADA Pediatrics THE ALL NEW NON IRON SHIRT BY WORLD FAMOUS SHIRTMAKERS SUCH AS BROOKS BROTHERS MENS WALimited Reservations Available BOOK TODAY corporate events sheva brachos parties reunions upsherins etc. Heller ast Wednesday, an armored truck sent money ying all over 170 in Indiana. Meir Wikler is a psychotherapist and family counselor in fulltime private practice with offices in Brooklyn, N. Others may even feel that Its not me thats so good, its Hashem, but Hashe Eating Dairy on Shavuos he Rema O. 494 3 writes that there is a custom to eat dairy on Shavuos. I S R A E L B O O KS H O P P U B L I C AT I O N S .In Detroit, he impacted the lives of scores of peothat he knows for a fact that the money is still in Rav Nochums drawer and never was used.

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