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He has mentioned a few times wanting to leave to return to his family and someone else equally special in his life, which may have fans wondering: is Metta World Peace married?Fans appreciate him for the comic relief he provides on the show, however, he may not stick around for long if he continues to be so homesick for the ones he loves.

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Before Metta was Metta World Peace he was Ron Artest.

During that time he married Kimsha Artest, but the couple quietly divorced in 2009.

They now share joint custody of their three children, Sadie, Ron II, and Diamond. It's hard to say when exactly the pair started dating, but they were first spotted together in July 2013.

Metta also has another son, Jeron, with his high school sweetheart, Jennifer Palma, but they aren't together either. Since then the couple have been going strong, taking cute pics and videos together in places like Paris, France, celebrating holidays together, and they often walk red carpets together.

It's hard to say (there are only 280 characters in a tweet after all), but it definitely seems like marriage could be in the future for Metta and has made Metta realize he never wants to be without Maya.

It's definitely clear he misses her and wants out of the house.

Could a dating app create “world peace one swipe at a time?

” It’s an ambitious venture, one that the Verona app hopes to successfully spearhead by connecting Israelis and Palestinians looking for love across cultural boundaries.

Nolan says his app is not just for dating, adding that it can help foster friendships and connect people interested in building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians.

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