Parenting divorce dating

"If you want or need to speak with your ex over the phone or in person, be focused and stay on task, and most important, don't swallow the bait if he or she descends into anger.

Simply say, 'I appreciate your feelings, but I am here to discuss our child's school assignment.' Take the high road.

Parenting divorce dating

This is the last post in this series with author and marriage and family therapist, Judy Osborne about her book, Wisdom for Separated Parents.

The interviewees in the book have all been through divorce but unlike most of my guests, there’s been a significant passage of time since the end of their marriages.

Making your child your cohort is wrong and does them damage." "Kids need to feel as if they are understood," Neuman says, and after a divorce their feelings may be in turmoil. So ask your kid fun and general questions, which diffuses tension.

And then let it go." Many divorced parents reading these tips may recognize mistakes they've unintentionally made with their own kids.

One of the stories in the book is about how a new partnership just canceled out the old parenting partnership.

It was quite cordial, but there’s just no way that the parents can be in the same room without the new wife getting furious.For some, it’s ten years while others it’s over thirty years.Inevitably, there are stories about introducing new partners and truly rearranging the family, which must surely be the hardest obstacle to navigate post-divorce.It allows you to specifically discuss the practicalities of raising your child without detouring into negative areas and opening old wounds.It also provides a recorded message, admissible into court, so parents tend to be more careful when using it.Their own anxiety and need for control causes them to be 'understanding' of what you're going through, but you need to be the parent. "Saying nothing will leave your child stressed, as if he must compartmentalize both worlds and tiptoe around this other experience.


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