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This required the use of multiple wooden stanchions between the hull and the deck “to stop the bottom from collapsing upwards”. Then: “35 tons of Babylonian Ark is ready to launch.” And: “The moment of truth will be its first contact with water.” Irving Finkel is on hand to witness his triumph.Finally the 12-metre vessel is finished, it is jacked up, and rollers are put underneath to move it into a nearby lake. In the event, the moment it comes into contact with the water, this 12-metre coracle begins to leak, and the film shows that the crew has a portable motorized pump within the coracle to try and cope with the water that is flooding into the vessel.For our comprehensive analysis of this book, by CMI author and engineer, Dominic Statham, see The real Noah’s Ark?

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This doesn’t succeed, and viewers are told: “The Ark is technically sinking!

” A much larger industrial-type pump is brought alongside and the narrator says: “After two hours stabilising the flood, it is safe to proceed!

Answer: It doesn’t, according to the true history of the world, recorded in Genesis.

Genesis is not myth or legend or merely a morality story (as claimed by Finkel), but is Moses’ account of human history, with Moses guided by God’s Holy Spirit (2 Timothy ) in what he wrote.

” No euphemisms please; what this means is that after two hours of steady pumping with industrial-type equipment, the amount of water being discharged was eventually equal to the amount flooding in!

This complete unseaworthiness of the replica vessel surely is Strike Three!

According to Finkel’s own maritime experts such a giant coracle could not be built; 3.

The one-fifth-size replica vessel leaked and would have sunk if not for the use of a high-capacity external pump.

Without this feature, he says this vessel would have quickly become water-logged in a rainstorm and would have sunk in seconds.


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