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Comfort has performed live on stage with talents artists including LL Cool J at the Guys Choice Awards, Rihanna at the i Heart Radio Music Awards , and Missy Elliot at the Super Bowl49 Half-Time show.

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In the midst of her busting dance career, Comfort has made time to reconnect with her family roots in Nigeria and judges on a famous family show "Maltina Dance All." As an actress, Comfort has been in "Step Up 5: All In," "The Mindy Project," and most recently "Highstrung," directed by Michael Damien where she played the supporting female lead character Poptart.

Her music career has also been growing steadily with her single "Lose Your Mind" out on i Tunes.

It’s an interesting industry in that regard, where you look at someone like Colin Farrell, who’s a great actor but he’s better at interesting supporting roles and independent roles than he is in, like, they won’t let him do anything else. [That’s] what it’s like until basically I’m 35 and I’m an alcoholic and have real problems to put on screen. Right now I just finished a movie called , which has a dance element. It’s more kind of cathertic for this girl who lost her… Laura Dern is so sweet, and she plays the other girl’s mom. Because the situation is fucked up, what they’re going through, but yeah…

It’s a veteran rehabilitation movie, coming of age story and a drama. Kherington Payne, she’s a prolific dancer, and she plays my love interest in the movie… There’s a whole thing where they come up with a plan as kids to do this, and they’re like, “Oh fuck, I’m going to do this,” and the way it spins out of control in the end is fascinating.

So perhaps it’s fitting that her emergence on the big screen would come in the remake of the classic film “Fame” a story of hard work and big dreams.

Set in a New York school for performing arts, the original 80s musical gave audiences an eyeful into the competitive world of theater, dance and music.Her success in battle has taken her from the dance floor to the commentator's booth alongside Sway Calloway for Red Bull TV in Paris, France 2017.Comfort has also been featured in Nike's 30-year celebration of Air commercial promoting the new Vapor Max.” KP: They were both stressful difference experiences, but both very relateable working with these great choreographers and then to these great actors.BLAST: And were you familiar with the original movie “Fame” before doing this project?In finding out more about the film, Blast spoke with Payne on her experience on the set as well as the dancer’s decision to take up acting.


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