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When you see someone in your family succeed in an industry, you get attracted to the same.

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The hunk writer stands at a tall height and maintains an athletic physique.

Co-created by Rae and Larry Wilmore, the HBO hit comedy about the two women navigating work and relationships in south Los Angeles explores the black female experience not really seen onscreen since UPN’s .

And Ty just gives his fans and people ample space to make baseless assumptions.

Yes, he prefers low-key life, but that doesn’t mean he is gay.

The infamous writer prefers a low-key lifestyle and doesn’t reveal anything about his personal life.

With his family from grandparents to parents to siblings all involved in the film industry in one way other, it comes as no surprise that Ty also pursued the career in the same.

Before the show even premiered, the actress says people were excited that Jones had been cast.

“Issa sent me this post and it was like, ‘I am so glad that Jill Marie Jones is on this show.’ And I was like, ‘That’s me.

Without giving too much away, the show will deal with racism toward the Latino community and open relationships, something that one character jokes is “a white people thing.”FEATURE: It's Time for Issa Rae to Take a Bow -- Or at Least a Nap“That’s what makes the show really exciting and funny and fresh,” Orji says.

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