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At other times, it might smell like sweet corn or sugar beets.

Rachel holds open one of the glass double doors and then follows me to my locker. Let’s grab some coffee before the first bell.”The school’s theater director, Miss Livingston, not-so-subtly encourages her students to drink as much caffeine as needed to get their shows together on time. As the lead set designer, Rachel gets unrestricted access to the auditorium.

”During my very first Christmas, Mom stayed home with me on the farm while Dad operated our family Christmas tree lot down in California.

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He would rather skip the lot for a year, he said, and rely solely on shipping the trees to vendors across the country.

Mom felt bad, though, for the families who made a holiday tradition out of coming to us to buy their trees.

The Future of Us, his second novel, was co-authored with Printz Honor winner Carolyn Mackler.

He is also the author of the New York Times bestselling What Light. Even though I’m the one leaving for another holiday season far from home, Rachel pretends like it’s her world that gets turned upside-down each year.

And while it was a business, Dad being the second generation to run it, it was also a cherished tradition for both of them.

They met, in fact, because Mom and her parents were annual customers.As much as I love you, I would miss going down there.Besides, all I know is what I’ve overheard—they still haven’t mentioned it to me—but they seem pretty stressed about finances.So every year now, that’s where I spend my days from Thanksgiving to Christmas.Rachel reclines, setting her hands on the stage to prop herself up.There, she jiggles her glittery red watch in front of me. Over the weekend, the theater department finished their performances of Little Shop of Horrors.


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  3. Who remembers Radio 1’s maiden voyage back in July 1995 at Ku (now known as Privilege)?

  4. I imagine memories of me, all those special Kodak moments, all captured in my mother's mind in eerie photonegative.

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