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She frequently writes about financial challenges that women face. Fearing that their claims will be ignored and their careers will be put in jeopardy, as many as 70% of sexual harassment victims choose not to come forward, let alone file legal claims against their abusers, according to Maya Raghu, director of Workplace Equality and Senior Counsel at the National Women’s Law Center.

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If the price of agreeing to a nondisclosure would be a huge tax bill, this could well prevent from them going through all the grief associated with coming forward in the first place.“To a certain extent you have to give some agency to the victims, let them also make decisions for themselves rather than having Congress make the decision for them about what they should or shouldn’t be able to do, what’s good for them and what’s not,” Infanti said. Weigh the pros and cons of signing a nondisclosure agreement7.

Whether victims will be able to deduct fees from taxes is unclear right now. Know the risks First, you should look to see if your employer has a sexual harassment policy before reporting the incidents.

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Even in the era of the #Me Too movement, the picture is still rather bleak for victims of workplace sexual harassment who may not have the financial means to seek recourse. As movements like #Me Too and Time’s Up gain more traction, many more women are coming forward through various channels, and resources are being pulled together to help them battle perpetrators and unlawful practices.

The Gallup survey suggests that the #Me Too social media campaign has encouraged more women to take legal actions against the abuser: About 38% of the women surveyed said they were more likely to sue the perpetrator they believed had sexually harassed them.

Many victims may not have the financial means to take their employer or even an individual colleague to court and risk losing their case.

Raghu acknowledges that few cases get to the point of trial or even a settlement.

If the EEOC determines that sexual harassment did occur after investigation, it will issue the victim a Right to Sue notice.

Once you have received the letter of Right to Sue, you can file a lawsuit under the federal anti-discrimination law.

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