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Recipes for yumtastic goodies guaranteed to make you fat and jolly. The russian girl is boy crazy and kinky and my gf finally suggested we do a couple swap or foursome.This group will be a serious attempt to compile recipes from members/the inter-webs in order to provide you all with the info you need to satisfy your inner glutton. this russian girl has a tight little body and shes a bit of a fitness freak, so i was kinda excited at this prospect.

If you want to post a pic of a girl or boy eating regular food that is fine to. add it, like to see girls with spit on there tongue? add them, like to see girls in panties holes or maybe food fetishes? if its a fetish add it id love to see it.long as its legal im good A group dedicated to pictures of females who are enjoying food or drink in a way that gives you dirty thoughts. If you look at it and think dirty thoughts, post it!

A place for cum in and on food and anything else you can cum up with. This Board is all fetishes, like to watch girls mb in there panties?

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This is the place to share and discuss WAM, mud, food, slime, wetlook and the people who like to wallow around in filthy, sloppy messes. Some places are just off limits like parks, libraries, schools, pools, water parks, fast food restaurants, malls, stores, toy section of stores, or my favorite playgrounds. For people in northwest Ohio, Northeast Indiana, and Southeast Michigan.

This group is for those people who say why can't you pose naked next to Ronald Mc Donald, at the library or in front of a minor. While not necessary, we hope to find like-minded people in the area that want to get together for food, fun, fucking, or whatever happens. I don't care if you rip recipes off the web, but it's even cooler if you post your own :) Bonus points to anyone that posts images of Giada De Laurentiis bending over/jiggling ~ The Fap Master my gf is a nurse and one of her nursing colleagues is a hot russian girl with a policeman for a bf.

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So I quietly went back to the room to attempt to go to sleep. " she laughs and just says, no, but she thought I was coming tonight, and leaves the room. )I get out, get dressed and meet her in the kitchen, say HI, hug, etc That's basically it. I wish that upon all you mothafuckers that have done or like the thought of it.. In an interview, Marlene Trujillo said she was a fourth-grader in his class at the time, and that she wasn't sure what to make of her teacher's odd behavior.

It could be because we're about 10 years apart, but mainly for all the reasons above.


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