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I am gathering my stories that used to be individually posted into combined ones to make their presentation more organized for this site. The Cuckold 1 & 2 With this posting I am entering into a process of gathering like-themed stories.They look at each other and he asks, “Where are you heading young lady? “I am heading down to Tucson, does that work for you? So, he unlocks the front passenger seat and she wastes no time getting in. ” “Escaping some family drama,” she replies with no little disgust in her voice. She nods back to him with a knowing expression on her face.

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But, I don’t want to be there since they will blame me for all of the trouble.” “Uh……..meaning that you are the other woman, I guess.” “Yes,” she sheepishly replies.

“And that is not all.” “If you feel like sharing it, what could significantly add to that?

NOTE: No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in any of these stories. 5000 shows that most of my regular readers have considered it.

In my mind when a story get 3000 readings it has established its place on this site.

He does however, drive at just below the speed limit to stay out of other’s ways. But, as he nears the person he notices that it is a female and apparently young.

As he leaves Salt Lake City driving south, he notices a person up ahead on the side of the road trying to hitch hike. No one is even slowing down for her, so he pulls over to scope out the situation.

I plan on returning when things settle down to a more pleasant aura around home.” He thought about this for a moment and then asked, “Do your parents know where you are going?

” “No, they think that I am going to my grandparent’s home, in the opposite direction of the way we are going.

His big black 2005 Suburban gets poor gas mileage, but on cruise control it does manage about twenty miles per gallon.

It makes it up though with being a dream to drive, very smooth.

A very logical arrangement she thought, and it said a lot about him she also surmised.

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