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My wife and Jamal were dancing, drinking and making out while dancing.

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I saw Jamal raise something up to my wife’s nose and she sniffed it in deeply, Jamal then did the same. I had never known my wife to do any kind of i*****l d**gs and I was shocked to say the least.

I couldn’t believe Jamal had gotten her to do that.

Jamal took my wife and started dancing with the group.

A few black men attempted to dance with them and grind against my wife but Jamal just gave them a look and they backed off. I thought I would wander around the house and not one room was empty and everyone was having a good time.

She had orgasm'd thinking about what was going to happen at the party.

She couldn’t wait for the black cock she was going to get.They had her on her back with her legs spread and lifted up for easy access to her pussy.They took their turn fucking her as each gang members stood back and waited.There were about 10-15 beautiful white women there all being swarmed by the gang members.They were dancing and it seemed like each woman had about 3-4 black men dancing with her.I walked by one bedroom and the door was wide open and I was a little startled with what I saw.

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