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What expectations did you subconsciously formulate around your date prior to meeting, and how are they influencing your approach to your first encounter?

Are you limiting the potentiality of this developing into a refreshing and new relationship by carrying over expectations from your past relationships?

Are we expecting the relationship to be traditional in regards to monogamy and gender roles?

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Qualities are the aspects of one’s being that help to create a useful framework for developing a fruitful attitude towards any activity and relationship.

These qualities are the undercurrent to a character’s appearances, and the driving force of thought, speech and action.

We may come to gain greater clarity around this apparent paradox by asking ourselves the following four questions, understanding why they are important, and granting ourselves the space to be honest with our answers.

Beyond the form of relationship that we expect to develop, there exist expectations on three different planes.

Are they supposed to be completely accepting of you and your ways?

Do they have to share your spiritual and dietary practices or be of a certain social standing?It is undeniable that expectation leads to disappointment.Expectation is a form of future oriented imagination that gains ground in our present reality as a form of attachment to an idea.While browsing the profiles of potentials, one is quick to notice that people desire everything from a serious relationship to casual dating, a hook up or simple companionship to roll with in friendly conversation.Regardless of what has brought someone to the world of online dating, the gist remains that everyone is holding on to some form of expectation regarding the connection they are here to make.Are they expected to share many of your current interests?


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