Disable automatic updating windows 7

Microsoft releases regular updates on a monthly schedule.Manually finding and installing them, however, would be a big chore, which is why Microsoft includes Windows Update as part of the OS.

disable automatic updating windows 7-86

The one you may want to change is "Who can install updates".

If your kids use the computer or someone who you don't trust fully, you can uncheck this box so that only you can control the Windows Update behavior. This may cause confusion, since "Microsoft Update" and "Windows Update" may sound like the same thing.

This is an outstanding new feature that provides much more information, allowing you to make an informed decision about what to update.

Underneath the available updates, information in the main Windows Update screen is an option (under the information about when the most recent update check was made) to check your update history.

Windows Update's main screen gives you a number of important bits of information.

First, in the middle of the screen, it tells you if there are any "important", "recommended" or "optional" updates.

Windows Update (WU) is a service offered by Microsoft which provides updates for Windows components and its other software on a regular basis.

Disable Windows Update Service if you refresh and recompose the linked-clone desktops.

Clicking this link brings up what will probably be a long list of updates (it could be a short list if your computer is new, however). This can be a helpful troubleshooting tool, as it may help narrow down an update that could have caused your system problems. Clicking this link will bring you to a screen which will undo the update. In the main Windows Update window, you can see options in blue on the left.

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