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Toward this end, the researchers tested men and women on a variety of scales including emotional intelligence (EI), trait dominance, and psychological gender.

The subjects filled out a battery of surveys including the mini-Profile of Nonverbal Sensitivity, the Mayer–Salovey–Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test, the Dominance Subscale of The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, and the Bem Sex-Role Inventory.

Because men and women have different styles of communication – and that’s what leads to a lot of problems.

So here’s a quick rundown, male behavior decoded for women.

Are Women Better At Decoding Body Language Than Men?

Empathy Is Key To Decoding Nonverbal Communication Christopher Philip Resent research by Monika Gulabovska University of Wollongong, Australia and Peter Leeson have advanced more evidence that women, above men, are able to read nonverbal expressions with more accuracy.

In which instances might this be the case; that men will be better readers than women?

When a particular man’s level of EI which is a measure of empathy is higher than his female counterpart.Back when we were buying expensive newsprint real estate (remember newsprint? If he's posed next to a Hummer, he's insecure about his manhood and will hit you. If he's in a sailboat, expect a neat freak -- unless it's a catamaran, in which case send him over to me. If he's "down to earth," he's cheap; you'll be going Dutch. ) for the personals, it was all about abbreviations like SWF and BBW. If he's "a great kisser," he's oversexed; expect to fight him off after dinner. The researchers are cautious with their findings as a correlation does not indicate causation.Also, while women were shown to be better readers of nonverbal communication than men, it did not mean that men can not, in some instances be better than women.Women come to me all the time for relationship advice, as I have been married three times (well, technically four -- I don't count the annulment) and dated hundreds of men.


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