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In 1988, he won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary, pending a recount.Barry's first novel, “Big Trouble,” was published in 1999.(2015) Comparative clinico-haematological analysis in young Zebu cattle experimentally infected with Trypanosoma vivax isolates from tsetse infested and non-tsetse infested areas of Northwest Ethiopia.

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The CBS television series “Dave's World” was based on two of Barry's books.

Barry performs with a less-than-stellar band called the Rock Bottom Remainders with fellow writers Amy Tan, Stephen King, Matt Groening and several others.

His material on this tour revolves around his life at home in Coral Gables, a Miami suburb, with his wife, Michelle Kaufman, a sportswriter at the Miami Herald, and Sophie, their 14-year-old daughter.

The hits: the family tour to Israel (a camel is involved), a Justin Bieber concert (which a camel might have improved upon) and Dave’s sophisticated analysis of “50 Shades of Grey.” Also, his funeral plans (mimes, snipers, no camels).

Somebody calls out a question, asking if his daughter minds being written about.

“If she does, I guess she can pay her own way through college,” he says, drawing a huge laugh from the packed crowd.

He has written a number of short, but harmful books, including “Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States” (Ballantine Books) and “Babies and Other Hazards of Sex” (Rodale Press).

His recent books, “Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down” (Crown Publishing), “Dave Barry Turns 50” (Random House), “Dave Barry in Cyberspace” (Random House) and “Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys” (Random House), have been hailed by the critics as “containing a tremendous amount of white space.” In 2013 Barry's book, “Insane City” (Berkley), debuted and soon was a New York Times bestseller.

Barry went to Haverford College, where he majored in English and wrote lengthy scholarly papers filled with sentences that even he did not understand.

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