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After seeing the disparities between what the public was being told and what was actually going on behind closed government doors, Ellsberg became sickened by his own involvement in justifying the war.

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Thirty-six men, including Daniel Ellsberg, worked on the project.

Mc Namara's motivation in commissioning this project remains a subject of controversy. According to Morton Halperin, one of the two directors of the study, "Mc Namara had a sense then that this was a tragic blunder, that we were in the middle of a catastrophe and that it was important to try to understand how we had gotten into that catastrophe."When the study was complete, a copy of it was stored at the RAND Corporation.

For the minimization of a nonlinear cost functional $j$ under convex constraints the relaxed projected gradient process $\varphi_ = \varphi_ \alpha_k(P_H(\varphi_-\lambda_k \nabla_H j(\varphi_))-\varphi_)$ is a well known method.

The analysis is classically performed in a Hilbert space $H$.

We present a new event generator based on the three-fluid hydrodynamics (3FH) approach, followed by a particlization at the hydrodynamic decoupling surface and a subsequent Ur QMD afterburner stage based on the microscopic Ur QMD transport model that accounts for hadronic final state interactions. The following topics are addressed: the directed flow, transverse-mass spectra, as well as rapidity distributions of protons, pions and kaons for two model equations of state, one with a first-order phase transition, the other with a crossover transition.

Preliminary results on the femtoscopy are also discussed.

The first articles on the top-secret study, which included excerpts from it, appeared in the paper on June 13, 1971, and within days the study became known as "the Pentagon Papers."Ellsberg also sent a copy of the papers to Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska, a Democrat, who planned to read from them during a filibuster of a bill that would extend the draft.

Prevented from filibustering, he instead read the papers during a late-night one-person meeting of the subcommittee he chaired, thereby entering the papers into the public record.

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