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The reason why returnable bottles persisted until the 1990s is because some of the established smaller bottlers didn’t want to change their equipment.To go from returnable glass bottles to no-deposit bottles required new filling and capping equipment.

Like the embossed bottles, they changed a little every few years.

In the 1970s, they came out with an ACL bottle that had a red background and Coca-Cola written in white.

Other people go for the five styles of embossed contour bottles. With the ACL bottles, the Coca-Cola and Coke logos were actually baked onto the glass.

Those came out in 1955 and were used until the ’90s.

I was fascinated by it because I’d never seen the design before. In my teens, I packed away all my bottles and forgot about them. Back before disposable bottles, you’d pay a deposit on the bottle when you bought a soft drink.

When I was a kid, they sold painted applied color label (ACL) bottles in the stores, not embossed bottles like this one. Years later, when I was cleaning out my parents’ attic and I came across all the bottles, I went through each box to see what I had. In the 1990s I decided to collect every type of returnable bottle that Coca-Cola had used in the U. You’d take it home and then take the empty bottle back with you the next time you went to the grocery store. The grocery store would return the bottle to the bottler, where they’d clean it, wash it, refill it, cap it, and send it back out to the stores.In this interview, Doug Mc Coy explains how the Coca-Cola bottle got its distinctive contour shape and charts the evolution of the brand’s packaging over its more than 100-year history.Mc Coy also offers tips on how to find old dumpsites that might contain Coca-Cola treasures, and explains the story of the rare 8-ounce bottle that sold in Lexington, North Carolina during the 1960s.So I ran all the way home and dragged my dad there to get it for me.It was a 6.5-ounce Coca-Cola bottle from about 1948. I’d bring home just about any kind of unusual bottle, but my collecting became more focused over the years.: That’s pretty much what I collect, although I do have some no-deposit, no-return bottles.


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