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Dating iran members in stie

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The most serious breach in relations came in 1998, after Iran accused Taliban Afghanistan of taking 11 Iranian diplomats, 35 Iranian truck drivers and an Iranian journalist hostage, and later killing them all.

Before making the announcement, Sharif directed a secret courier to Israel via Pakistan Ambassador to United Nations Inam-ul-Haq and Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Dr.

The government of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto declared its belief that, as in the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, India was behind the unrest.

However, the Indian government denied any involvement, and claimed that it was fearful of further balkanisation of the subcontinent.

Iran again played a vital role in Pakistan's 1971 conflict with India, this time supplying military equipment as well as diplomatic support against India.

The Shah described the Indian attack as aggression and interference in Pakistan's domestic affairs; On the other hand, Iran changed its foreign priorities after making a move to maintain good relations with India.

Iran also indicated that it was considering an embargo on oil supplies to India for the duration of the fighting.

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