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It makes no sense that you and your husband are both bristling with indignation and your marriage is on a razor’s edge over some facial hair.I don’t hate beards, but generally I prefer the clean-shaven look. When we were dating I once asked, “So, have you ever considered shaving off your beard?

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Put yourself in this scenario: your boyfriend leaves you alone in his room while he takes a shower. Rewind back a few years, and I was in that exact situation…

Here’s the thing about snooping: it is way too easy to misunderstand what’s going on.

I can’t tell you the amount of fights me and my BF got in over a text that meant the complete opposite of what I thought. No matter what your boyfriend might have done wrong, he still has the right to get mad at you for going through his phone.

Looking at your boyfriend’s private things is just a fight waiting to happen.

When I broke up with that boyfriend, I promised myself I would never look through a future BF’s phone again.

I became obsessed with going through my boyfriend’s private things, and for the first few years, I never admitted it to him. What I didn’t realize during all of my snooping was that once I found something weird in his phone, I would have to admit what I had done in order to talk to him about it. When he put a password on his cell, I thought it was shady and we fought about it.

The whole time, I was so worried about him being dishonest with me and meanwhile, I was the one being dishonest with him. When he eventually gave in and let me look through his phone, I demanded to know the reason behind every text.

And he’s in the shower, so there’s no chance he’ll walk in. I’m really not proud to admit it, but it’s true: I used to be a total snooper.


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