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“That could save you a lot of film, and eliminate those depressing moments some people have when the film comes back.” The original 1961 Canonet took the market by storm.

Manufacturers were shocked by the integrated technology and fast 45mm f/1.9 lens offered at such a low price.

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The new model also did away with Canon’s ‘Electronic Eye’ with a smaller individual element placed at the top of the lens.

Canon’s Quick Loading system soon became one of the series’ leading features.

According to Canon, when the unit went on sale in Tokyo, the company’s week’s supply of camera stock was sold out in less than two hours.

A more compact and fully automatic variation of the Canonet, the Canonet Junior, was released two years later and only featured the single ‘program’ mode without the ability to adjust the shutter speed manually.

With new improvements, the more efficient and easier to use Canonet QL17 was manufactured a year later after the Canonet S debut.

The QL17 featured a complete redesign of the previous unit’s internals and came with a ‘Quick Loading’ mechanism for loading film.Canon claimed the meter would perceive light in the same way the lens saw it, thus creating a more precise automatic exposure.“Actually it’s a lot easier to put the electronic eye in a rectangle somewhere on the camera.Following the original QL19 came the Canonet QL 19E, which used an electronic shutter.Then in 1968 came the low-priced, plastic-bodied Canonet 28.Or you.” Canon showcased the camera’s ability to quickly take photographs without the need to twiddle with dials and settings.


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