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many thanks, - Dieter Hi Dieter It is great to see you being serious about keeping your relationship with your girlfiend pleasing to God.As one poet has said,"dating is a dangerous game, temptation should be its name!

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It is also never a courtship if there's no such an agreement between the two of you. Vision I counseled someone who said her pastor prophesied that a brother who smokes and is a womaniser is "God's will " for her. Your spiritual senses are sharpen through meditation on God's word. Not to have any fear or doubt in your heart about your choice 3. To be fully persuaded in your heart/settled in your heart that he /she is the one 5. In the space of the 3 years I was single; I found my vision. Do you know that "dying on the Cross wasn't also easy for Jesus but He chose to shift His focus on the glory ahead. I'm speaking to people who are presently wallowing in an ungodly relationship; quit tonight.

I don't know what you need the person for if not for marriage. To prove adequately to be sure you are taking the right step 2. It wasn't easy to give it up considering all the effort you have put into the relationship, your money, time, your heart, and sadly you have used your body/aborted That lady keeps luring you into sin, she has to go.

But when it comes to other behaviour, you must use your own wisdom as to whether it is sexual or not. There is a type of hug that is completely non-sexual.

Then there are other hugs that begin to ‘hint of sexual immorality’.

Amos 3:3Some ladies are addressing their "boyfriends" as "fiance" whereas the brother is not seeing it so but he chose to be quiet about it because he's already enjoying some benefits of a fiance/husband and vice versa."The goal of a relationship is marriage from the start, I don't advice anything short of this." I know of a woman in the Bible who had about 5 failed relationships. Whatever you receive in your spirit or someone receives on your behalf must past the test of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. To have inner satisfaction or peace about the person You are both born again and started your courtship on conviction. See what God can do with your life; the glory ahead of you.

John 4The Scriptures never said anything about the real issue causing break-ups in her relationship. You both created the boundaries of purity but something happened along the line, you are BOTH repentant, and ready to start all over again but you just can't help it. Confess to them your sin and readiness to Re-dedicate your life to Christ and be accountable to them henceforth. At a point I started wishing I didn't give up the relationship even though it was draining my spiritual life up. I trust someone is praying and making that commitment tonight.But before we look at some of the principles, it is worth noting that God is not a kill-joy.In fact, his desire is that we live life to the full!This woman was not a prostitute In fact she knew what the law says yet she had changed men a number of times like tissue paper until she met with Jesus. This question is not stupid it's just that "waking up to read such a message in the morning gave me a good laugh."Sexual feelings or urges will always be there.You are feeling emptiness within you and you feel starting a relationship with one man or lady will give you all the fulfillment, wrong. There's a natural urge which happens without you igniting it and there's the raging urge when you feed yourself with erotic emotions.He is the ultimate joy-giver, and his principles point us in the direction of complete joy and how to participate in a sexual relationship with someone that is exciting and fulfilling.


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