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In Share Point 2013 there was a very nice feature – Work Management Service.

It aggregated all of Share Point, Exchange and Project Server tasks in one view.

I must, however, include a disclaimer before you read any further!

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There was never a good, complete scenario, but let’s see what value we can get from what we have now. Most of Information Workers’ tasks come from e-mails. There are some standard task fields such as title, priority, status, etc.

You can simply flag them to convert to tasks (well – this is not really true – flagging an email is different than creating a task. You can even set reminders, recurring tasks, or even assign them to another person! Not 🙁 The biggest limitation was always the lack of integration with mobile clients (especially those by Microsoft).

What should I use, can’t they just create one, good application?

I’ve always had the impression that there is no single vision for tasks at Microsoft.

The main problem with older Share Point features is usability.

You get a ton of features, but in the end, many of them require a lot of clicks.Even if you manage to sync your tasks to another device, not all of them will be included (for example, flagged emails).And when you assign a task to someone, you’ll only get the status information when they send it.Tasks sent by workflows used to integrate with Outlook nicely. The biggest pain of Share Point tasks is that Microsoft no longer invests in them and from a future usage perspective, this is a dead-end scenario.My recommendation for Share Point: One Note is a one-way journey. It’s also a component of many collaboration scenarios such as Team Site, Groups, Teams, Skype.My recommendation for Outlook tasks: Back in 2007, everyone was surprised by how quickly Share Point usage grew.


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