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With Levin, she became enamoured of the controversial Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the Rolls-Royce loving leader of the "Orange People", who promulgated a melange of traditional spiritual teachings and pop psychology nostrums.She departed from Rajneesh before he was engulfed in scandal, but her enthusiasm for new age thinking has been a constant in her life.

She has been an author, polemicist, radio talk-show host, sometime staple of British newspaper gossip columns, a Republican political wife, a failed gubernatorial candidate, a woman who has journeyed across the political spectrum from ardent conservative to committed liberal.

Indeed, looking at her CV, it can sometimes seem that Huffington has not so much had several cycles in one life, but several lives – to which can now be added yet another incarnation: media mogul.

Arianna was duly awarded an exhibition to Girton to study economics.

Displaying the ambition and determination that would become her salient characteristics, she rose to become president of the Cambridge Union, earning herself the unkind sobriquet "Staryanna Comeacroppalos".

Her father Constantine was a journalist who edited a resistance newspaper, survived internment in a Nazi concentration camp and later became a publisher and management consultant.

When Arianna was 16, her parents separated and she moved to Britain with her mother and her younger sister Agapi to take the entrance examinations for Cambridge.An indefatigable networker and name-dropper, she is on first-name terms with a who's who of American life, from entertainment, politics and business.It would be tempting to say that she has the most compendious Rolodex in America – except that Huffington, of course, does not do Rolodex, instead running her life with three Black Berries, which she claims to hide in the bathroom at night to ward off temptation.It was advice that would ultimately lead to her friendship with the philanthropist Ann Getty, who not only introduced her to Huffington but graciously footed the bill for their wedding in 1986.Henry Kissinger was among the 500 guests, observing that it had everything but ''an Aztec sacrificial fire dance''. Huffington's ascendancy to the summit of American society was complete.Much of Huffington's philosophy remains steeped in the conviction that mankind is on the verge of, as she puts it, "a breakthrough in our evolution".


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