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Head to the left to go toward the Christian or Muslim Quarter and the right to reach the Jewish Quarter.The path to the major shrines, the Western Wall, Temple Mount and Church of the Holy Sepulcher, are not very well marked, but anyone you ask should be able to direct you.

On the right, as you continue down David Street, you'll enter the Armenian Quarter.

To the left of Jews Street is the Muslim Quarter, and, to the right, is the Jewish Quarter.

The Old City is divided into four neighborhoods, which are named according to the ethnic affiliation of most of the people who live in them.

These quarters form a rectangular grid, but they are not equal in size.

It is also prudent to explore during the day, though the views of many of the sites -- when you know how to find them -- are often best at night.

Just inside Jaffa Gate, on the left beyond the Tourist Information Office, is a small enclosure with two graves nearly hidden beneath the trees.

The dividing lines are the street that runs from Damascus Gate to the Zion Gate — which divides the city into east and west — and the street leading from the Jaffa Gate to Lion's gate — which bifurcates the city north and south.

Entering through the Jaffa Gate and traveling to David Street places the Christian Quarter on the left.

A great way to visit the Old City is simply to wander through the labyrinthine paths and let yourself get lost.

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