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I did a lot of things last year and many people felt like the things I did…someone paid me.

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To prove this, gossip sites uploaded her photos with a bulging stomach and others claimed she was standing behind a friend to hide the bulging belly. ‘’Haha for the 10th million I am not pregnant.’’ She tweeted after the story broke around April this year.

To drive the point home, she took to her personal blog where she wrote about the pregnancy rumours mocking the naivety of Kenyans who claim time and time again that she is pregnant.

The beautiful lass is known for posting details about her life on her snap chat account.

She has so far posted photos of her in : South Africa, New York, Germany and the United States.

So maybe they should explain to me what a woman who isn’t being sponsored lives like so I can understand the very backward benchmark they have put on women who work hard for their money.

Before you misconstrue what working hard is I work in television-radio, am a social media influencer and I bake cakes, that kind of work, For the record, I’m not a witch, there are people who believe in witchcraft and I don’t, I believe in God.”she posted .

Knowing that this could be my one and only chance to work for the company I had dreamt of working for since I can remember, didn’t help with the nerves even though I had been in front of the camera as a host of Teen Republic on NTV for around 2 and a half years.”“The first year was tough as nails, there was so much to learn, the listeners were used to a certain quality of news reading and I just wasn’t reaching it no matter how hard I tried, I was bullied online, constantly taken off air to practice reporting, I was constantly criticized, some constructively, others were downright mean but I never dropped the mic and walked off.

I would just cry in the bathroom, compose myself then get back to work. I had to prove to myself and to the men and women who saw something in me and gave me this position that I could be great at this! ” Anita writes.“I am still work in progress but I did it, I am way better than I was before!

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