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But with that said, the difficulties are bigger than just arguments.

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I was told he would later try to recreate the whole journey using Google Street View – one of his favourite hobbies.

Personally I spent the journey having a rest after a full day’s workshop, but kept myself awake for general conversation with the rest of the family.

When we got home and ate, conversation was pleasant.

It was mostly about how my last few days had been, as I’d not visited Scotland in fifteen years.

When most people look at Isaac, they don’t see Isaac. They see lack of speech, severe academic learning difficulties and intimate care needs.

It barely occurs to some people that Isaac might also be a child, with his own personality and everything.(And yes, I absolutely hated writing that.

Unfortunately some of his difficulties don’t come from autism, but from other people.) I genuinely can’t remember my first impression of Isaac. First impressions are unreliable even with the general population, so it’s better to not be influenced by a disabled child’s mood while he visits a road he’s never been to, at the moment an entirely new person gets in the car.

But he was completely fine, and spent the thirteen-mile journey home looking out of the window at the roads.

She doesn’t hold back about the negative sides of raising her profoundly disabled son, because they’re often overlooked and dismissed.

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