Adult dating sites in zambia

Iris Kaingu has revealed that she has not been dating for over four years because she finds most Zambian men not genuine.And Iris who became famous in 2012 when her sex tape leaked and went viral on the internet says her dream is to marry Prince Harry.

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“I have had people come to me and say Iris I like you and I wanna date you.

You should see my Facebook inbox, it’s insane, it’s like proposals after proposals.

She added, “You find a lot of nonsense with a married man with a big wedding bands coming to tell you lies, the same goes for both single men.

They all want to have a piece of action and that is not fair.” Iris who has become a something of a sensation with most of her male followers on social media has posted some revealing photos of her curvy body and heavy boobs on her Instagram account.

She said her father, Dr Kaingu is the best man in the whole wild world who has given the family so much. I don’t go to crowded places, I find it is annoying. Iris advised young people to follow their passion and venture into something that they truly love if they are to succeed in life.

Iris said contrary to public perception, she leads a very boring life which mostly involves spending time at home with her family. She mentioned that the three things she cannot do without are food, her phone her family.The declaration also resulted in the nationalization of a number of industries and public services.In the long term, however, the centrally planned economy contributed to a marked economic decline.“I actually don’t have a very interesting life, it is quite boring. I also love horseback riding, eating and cooking, I actually love good food,” she said. “I have 17 siblings and I love all of them and they are so dear to me. I also three elder sisters and four younger sisters, three elder brothers and a younger one,” she said.I know some people feel like I always have a gas when I wake up. Iris also clarified that she is still interested in running for public office but feared that Zambian politics are not yet attractive for young people like her.Iris mentioned NAREP President Elias Chipimo and former Matero MP Miles Sampa as some of the politicians she greatly admires for their inspirational approach to politics and that she would like to work with them.


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