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There is much debate on how to have safe versions of level 2 and level 3 autonomy as both require a human to jump into the control loop when their attention has been wandering.

The time available for the person to reorient their concentration in order to respond to events in the world is often much shorter than what people really need.

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Besides loss of advertising cutting the income stream for journalism, and thus cutting the number of employed journalists, the new avenues for versions of journalism are making it more difficult for traditional print journalists to compete, as John Markoff recently talked about in announcing his retirement from the New York Times.

A way of sharing main frame computer power between research universities ended up completely disrupting how we get our news, and perhaps even who we elected as President.

I think most people agree that there might be a natural progression from level 4 to level 5, but there are different opinions on whether going from level 2 to level 3, or, more vociferously, from level 3 to level 4 are natural progressions.

As a result there are advocates for going straight to level 4, and there are many start up companies, and non-traditional players (e.g., Google) trying to go directly to level 4 or level 5 autonomy.

The Grand Syon Ballroom, ideal for hosting 100 to 700 guests, makes a perfect choice for corporate celebrations, charity events and business conferences.

Many new technologies have unexpected impacts on the physical or social world in which we live.

And in the interests of safety for pedestrians, how much will the performance of self driving cars need to be detuned relative to human driven cars, and how will that impact the utility of those cars, and degrade the driving experience of people that have traditional level 1 cars?

Within a few blocks of where I live in Cambridge, MA, are two different microcosms of how people and cars interact.

The rest of this post is about level 4 and level 5 autonomy.


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