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My theory is that we as a society are becoming more disconnected from each other, even though our technology is supposedly bringing us closer together.It reminds me of a cartoon I saw once, where a group of people are in a web cafe, each surfing the Net.I am surprised that twelve years after my own struggle, people still have the same issues around meeting people.

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» This leads me into my next question: the Internet is a highly connecting technology that is now impacting relationships; statistics say that up to 1 of 5 couples today met online. I know so many women here at CBN who have met their spouses online (possibly including Christian Cafe.com, I’m not sure! I haven’t had much success, but to be fair, I haven’t put much time into it. I also go through seasons where I am trusting God to bring the right man, then I go through other seasons where I think of James and “faith without works is dead”. Right now, I believe that He wants my full attention.

What are your thoughts about this online phenomenon? But, I do believe online dating is a great tool and has been for so many couples.

I could hardly ask for a woman’s phone number that I had just met, and my female friends would hardly give their number out to a perfect stranger (even at church! One of the reasons Christian was created was out of my own personal struggle with being single.

And, if I was having problems connecting with the opposite sex, and I am outgoing generally, imagine everyone else! I’ve tried it before, for only a few days at a time.

We said to them that half their audience is single and let’s do a show about us and see how their viewers like it. Well, they need to get over it, because we’re here and we’re waiting! There are a lot of gorgeous single women in the church, so get the men in here!

» From a business point of view, the online dating business is worth over a billion dollars annually in the US.

One of them is saying to himself, “I’m so lonely.” I know that when I moved to a big city in my early 30’s, I found it hard to connect with local Christian singles at various churches.

It just wasn’t conducive to get to know a woman after the service at the back, while we had cookies and coffee.

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